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21 Nov

Grammar fail.

16 Nov

These come from the lovely

Piercing gun mishaps

15 Nov

Why you don’t get pierced at Wal-Mart:

It’s scary how many videos on youtube there are of people doing this:

And lastly, one of my favourite videos showing how needles are so much better than guns:

15 Nov

When self piercing, wear gloves. If you’re not even going to do that, at least wash your mucky hands.

Surface Piercings of Epic Fail

14 Nov

14 Nov

And this is what happens when you stretch ridiculously quickly.
The 2nd lobes got up to 6mm in a week and a half after piercing. Can’t find how quickly he stretched the others though…

14 Nov

I don’t know what was going through this person’s mind when they did this. I’m guessing it got ripped out pretty quickly.