6 surface piercing fails

22 Sep

-clears out some of my folder of shitty-


Surface piercing help?

17 Jun


my surface bars are big according to my piercer so i can clean em out better
he said to change em o the right size in 3 weeks [the time it takes for
surface piercings to heal]

ACK! Theres no hope for those!! ( especially as they’re less than a week old in the photo)

And she thought they were FINE!

24 Nov


24 Nov

On the subject of current fads you don’t want to get a tattoo of…

I feel sorry for whoever gets to see this during sex. Hell, I feel sorry for whoever sees this at all, including all you fine folks.

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21 Nov

Grammar fail.

Just… bizarre…

20 Nov

16 Nov

These come from the lovely http://www.addictiontattoostudio.com/